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My Perspective

I aim to capture beauty by writing with light. I am on a journey to tell stories that we see but sometimes miss.

Nature Beauties

Landscapes, nature and hidden paths tell stories of the ages.

City Scapes

I love how a city can look so different depending on the time of day as well as how the light falls on buildings.

Routine Life

Walking in the streets watching people minding their own business in a daily routine tell amazing street photos.

This is probably my favourite city photo at the moment. It just took me turning around and looking behind me. thoughts?

Gus van der Walt Photography
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finding my passion

One photo at a time.

Being a somewhat new comer to the photography world, I have often found myself stuck. Not knowing what to capture. Not knowing what my core focus is in photography.

That’s the exciting part. Going on a journey to find my passion taking one photo at time.

Join me

Come on a journey with me and lets write with light.

I aim capture it all

To find my focus, my passion and to tell my story

The beauty of not knowing what your focus is, is that you can still find it. You can challenge yourself in various ways to tell a story that is unique to you. This is what I aim to do.

I have a blank canvas in front of me and a camera in my hand. Lets see how we can fill up that canvas with beauty and stories that are unique to us.

explore. create. inspire.

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