I Am in a Photography Rut

 In My Photography Journey

Over the last few weeks I have found myself neglecting my camera. I let what was going on around me influence my desire to take photos and it really got to a low point where I was, again, about to just forget everything. Give it all up and throw in the towel.

Luckily, I found a solution that has somewhat negated the low point I just mentioned. It has turned it around somewhat. Obviously I am still pulling myself out of the rut that I am in but, at least, progress is being made.

Season of change

Photography rutIf you have seen any of my work or follow me on social media you would know that this is a new site. A new site in terms of it’s purpose. The domain was used for my day job content and just some other random nonsense.

That has since changed. Clearly. I have deleted the old site completely. Content and everything that went with it has been erased from the internet and replaced with this. The site I used for my photography is now going to be redirected here.


Well, I want to be known for my photography. My name is to be associated with my photography. I want live, breath, feel, touch and hear photography. It isn’t a side project like Tourist in Cape Town. This is a passion of mine. It needs to be the centre of attention.

I have taken the time to build the site and in doing so, it gave me a little clarity. It desaturated the cloud of doubt and sharpened my focus (see what I did there haha).

It didn’t end there

Yay, so I have a refreshed site and purpose but would that change the photo taking at all? Simply, no. Just having a site means nothing at all. Nothing.

To curb this, I have set a challenge for myself. I need to take photos everyday. Yes, every single day a photo needs to be taken, edited and posted to Instagram (follow me here). This is a challenge that should pull me right out the rut.

You see, when I started getting serious about photography, I would set aside a day or two for taking photos. The problem is that if I want to be a professional photographer (my dream goal) I need to practice. How? Take photos every day.

Now, I carry my camera every time I leave the house. If I don’t leave the house, I need to get creative with what I have around me. I am not allowed to miss a day.

Pressure much? Oh yes the pressure is on. It is really on.

I found a way to get around it. Avoiding spreading myself to thin. You see I have this thing, a notion, that if I want to do something I need to EVERYTHING at once. At ONCE. Which clearly isn’t working for me.

Focus, I think, is what they call it. This is now my next idea. To focus everything on my photography. So, I need to take a set of photos in the day. Pick the best few, edit them. Add one to Instagram and then add the favourites to this site.

That is the challenge has a set of purposes which are:

  • Find my passions in photography
  • Learn

It is that simple. This challenge I feel will be the key to getting me to my goal of becoming a professional photographer.

Let’s see where this journey takes me.

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